BERML’s S#@T HAPPENS WARRANTY guarantees protection against issues that may occur with your BERML piece(s).


If an accidental break occurs, we understand- even if it's due to your clothes being ripped off your body, damaging your BERML piece in
the process; rest assured, we'll provide a replacement.


Have you noticed tarnishing or fading on your BERML piece (which is highly unlikely unless you've put it through the dishwasher)? No problem, we'll promptly replace it. We want you to look your best when wearing BERML!


To start the process, please complete the form below. We will send you a separate email for a photo of your BERML piece to review and initiate the replacement item for you or issue a BERML Gift Card for your use on other items from our store.

No inquiries, no judgments, and no hassle.


Please note that BERML’s S#@T HAPPENS WARRANTY exclusively covers what we explicitly mention won't happen to your BERML piece.
Unfortunately, we cannot cover situations where your BERML piece is lost, stolen, intentionally damaged, or damaged by a third party.


Remember that failing to provide a photo of the defective piece will void this warranty.


At BERML, we implement a fair use policy within BERML's S#@T HAPPENS WARRANTY, allowing us to decline claims if the policy is misused.

So, don't abuse it.