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The founders of BERML, Brad and Evert met in the era before the instant connections of social media, when chance encounters still sparked lasting bonds. Remember that?

Their friendship ignited at a secret underground party, where an eclectic crowd and thumping beats drew two strangers together.
Little did they know that this random meeting would lead to something extraordinary years later.

From contrasting backgrounds.


Their backgrounds seem worlds apart.


Evert was raised in a religious, somewhat conservative Afrikaner family as Apartheid's grip loosened on South Africa. An evolving social landscape redirected his path to an English all-boys high school, unlocking a curiosity for other cultures. Fueled by insatiable ambition, Evert blazed an unconventional career trail that zigzagged from the recording studio as an A&R manager to advertising sales for print publications, ultimately arriving at business development and eventually joining his dad in the family diamond business.


Meanwhile, Brad hopscotched across the African countryside, from the Vaal Reef gold mines to the Swaziland mountains and the Natal beaches. Despite this nomadic childhood, he found himself drawn to creative pursuits from an early age, working at a jewelry store as a teenager.


Though he started at university pursuing chiropractic medicine, Brad couldn't deny his artistic calling and switched to film and television production. For years, he lived a cinematic double life - climbing the corporate ladder at a bank by day while pursuing his genuine love of art and music by night.


A creative partnership.


After losing touch following that fateful first meeting, the universe intervened to reunite Brad and Evert weeks later through a mutual friend. And for over 20 years, they've remained inseparable companions, weathering whatever storms life brought by leaning on each other's strengths.


Their differences proved complements, yin and yang, fueling an unstoppable creative partnership.


Evert is a disciplined stickler for detail, with a touch of compulsive innovation that sends ideas rocketing into new galaxies. Brad matches that intensity with persistence and an artist's eye for sleek, timeless design. United, they challenge boundaries, unafraid to defy tradition in pursuit of something fresh and new.


The birth of BERML.


Their shared desire to blaze new trails was the spark that ultimately gave birth to BERML.


As Evert's career brought him deeper into the world of luxury jewelry - creating brilliant diamond cuts and bespoke lines for elite brands, he and Brad fantasized about disrupting that stuffy establishment with an innovative, egalitarian online jeweler.


A minor health crisis for Brad ultimately kicked those lingering ambitions into action. Forced to reevaluate his priorities, Brad realized how much he missed flexing his creative muscles. The pair vowed to pour their combined talents into realizing their shared jewelry brand vision.  


Turning vision into reality.


Turning their dream into reality took a lot of work. Countless hurdles lined their path, each demanding Evert and Brad combine their contrasting strengths to overcome the obstacles.


Evert's deep industry expertise and connections were a priceless asset, unlocking access to the top manufacturers and suppliers capable of bringing their ‘affordable luxury’ vision to life. Meanwhile, Brad's business savvy and artistic flair powered their branding and financial strategies from ideation to execution.


But getting BERML off the ground was a marathon, not a sprint. There were nights huddled over computers, architecting their e-commerce platform piece by piece. Endless spirited debates hashed out every facet of their identity—from product curation to messaging. As Brad chuckles, ‘Working together so closely was an obstacle. But we made it out with all our limbs still attached!’


What buoyed them through those grueling stretches was the same indescribable magic that allowed two strangers to become soulmates all those years ago. Their strengths were puzzle pieces that slotted together to forge an extraordinary, impenetrable bond. Evert's wordsmithing wizardry paired perfectly with Brad's eye for captivating design as they carefully crafted BERML's distinctive identity.


The result is a jewelry disruptor like no other.


BERML's curated collections aren't just redefining industry norms—they're celebrating a bold new era in men's fashion and accessories. Each piece speaks of a distinctly masculine perspective, from Brad's favorite purple diamante choker and sleek black pearl necklace to Evert's signature Cezar Diamante Choker (which he regularly sells right off his neck).


With an eye for styles that complement their tastes - like the leather cuffs and stainless steel accents Brad favors - this dynamic duo has a vision: to emerge as the premier men's jewelry brand across the Americas.


Yet this is merely the opening salvo for two ingenious visionaries who won't be bound by boundaries. Having defied conventions to breathe life into BERML, this dynamic duo is just getting started.


BERML's extraordinary jewelry collection is just one brilliant volley in an inseparable personal and creative odyssey still unfolding.