Pierce your face

Facial piercings encompass a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them standout body modifications that draw attention and showcase individuality. In this comprehensive guide to facial piercings, we'll delve into the world of body piercing jewelry, the piercing process, and the various types of face piercings available.

From surface piercings like bridge piercings and third eye piercings to cheek piercings, eye piercings, and anti-eyebrow piercings, we'll cover it all. Each of these piercings offers a unique and striking look, allowing you to express yourself boldly through your chosen style. For ear piercings- please visit our dedicated page.

As you embark on your piercing journey, remember to thoroughly research the piercing you're interested in and consult with a professional piercer. They can provide valuable guidance on making the best decision for your body and ensure a safe and satisfying experience throughout the process.



The septum piercing has risen to remarkable popularity due to its incredible versatility. Whether you prefer a discreet and almost invisible piece of jewelry or desire to flaunt extravagant bling hanging from your nose, this piercing offers options that cater to all tastes.


The realm of lip piercings offers a vast array of choices. You have the freedom to pierce your upper lip, lower lip, center lip, slightly off-center lip, or even opt for two piercings on either side of your lips. Just like with other piercings, it's common to begin with a stud, and once the piercing has completely healed, you can switch to a hoop if you desire.


The timeless and enduring favorite among piercings is undoubtedly the classic nostril piercing. Distinguished from bridge piercings or high nostril piercings, this standard style involves piercing the soft cartilage on the lower sides of the nose using a stud. The beauty of this piercing lies in its versatility, allowing you to adorn your nose with as many piercings as you desire, giving it a truly unique and personalized look.


yebrow piercings are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. A growing number of individuals are now choosing to get their eyebrow piercings closer to the sides of the nose, moving away from the conventional placement towards the outer edge of the eye.


Find the space between your eyes and give it a pinch. Is it fleshy? Does it pull away from your face, even a little bit? If so, you're a candidate for a bridge piercing, or the horizontal piercing that goes across the very top of the nose.


The term "labret" encompasses a range of lip piercings, such as the philtrum or medusa piercing when applied to the upper lip. Typically, a "regular" labret is placed through the center of the lower lip, but the term can also include piercings done on the upper lip.


The studs that match and are placed towards the middle of the nose are known as "high nostril" piercings. This type of piercing makes a great addition to your nose if you already have other piercings like a bridge, septum, or standard nostril piercing. Similar to creating an ear stack, a high nostril piercing exudes a captivating appeal, especially when nestled among other piercings on the nose. The combination adds to the overall aesthetic, making it an eye-catching choice for piercing enthusiasts.


Tongue piercings hold a fascinating characteristic – they are surprisingly painless. While they might seem intimidating and intense to those considering them, many people describe the actual procedure as feeling akin to a pinch, or even milder.


Cheek piercings are specifically designed to replicate the look of dimples and are considered an "advanced piercing" due to their complexity. These piercings come in different placements, with options like the Monroe, where a stud is placed at the location of Marilyn Monroe's famous beauty mark, and the Dahlia, involving two studs positioned next to the corners of the lips.


Surface piercings refer to any type of piercing that lies flat on the skin. The face offers various pinchable spots that are suitable for surface piercings, and among the popular choices is the upper cheekbone, commonly known as an "anti-eyebrow" piercing. This unique placement creates an eye-catching and distinctive look for those who choose to adorn their cheekbones with this style of piercing.


Eyelid piercings, also known as eye piercings, are unique placements on your eyelids. While they are typically adorned with a captive bead ring, some eyelid piercings may be positioned on the top of the lid and require the use of a curved barbell. These eye-catching piercings offer a distinctive and striking look for those who choose to showcase their creativity with this style.


This surface piercing, also referred to as a forehead piercing, is positioned at the center of your forehead, right where your third eye would be.